How I think it began –

It was a morning no different than the other. I woke up at 7, stayed for about 15 minutes in bed scrolling through the same feed as it was yesterday. And I woke up. I hurried myself through all the chores of the morning and before 8 I was there. There to begin my tiresome day with a blissful smile of a girl, sitting on a waiting chair at the bus stop. Little did I know that I had already started getting butterflies in my stomach for my “bus friend”. Thats what we used to address ourselves to others. The

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Let’s Get Started –

Well this is my first ever step to personal blogging . As they said that every man has a price and in this era, we tend to sell ourselves in the digital world. So where exactly is my “user-manual” to look at? Of course, in the digital playground- HERE ! Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby welcome you to my JOURNAL where you could see the REAL me and judge me for who I really am. Stay Tuned .. See you..